What Type of Lighting do you Need or Want?

Choosing lighting fixtures can be overwhelming; the right lighting fixtures can make or break a room. Stephanie Richeson from  The Lighting Studio in Lafayette, IN graciously agreed to share some of her knowledge with us. We asked her to provide you with a place to start when picking out lighting fixtures for your home.

How to WOW with lighting:

It is like a beautiful puzzle you put together, when done you will say Wow that looks great! To give the greatest affect you need 4 types of lighting. Some rooms need all four; some just one. It is all up to your tastes and what type of activities you do in the room. The 4 types of lighting are Ambient, Accent, Task and Decorative lighting.
Ambient lighting is general lighting that usually lights up the entire space or room.

Accent lighting is used to highlight an object such as a piece of art or a fireplace. To be effective, accent lighting should be 4 or 5 times brighter than the level of ambient light in the room.
Task lighting is specifically installed to light up an area where a task may be performed. Some rooms to pay close attention to when you are looking to add task lighting are kitchens and bathrooms.
Decorative lighting is the most often ignored type of lighting, but it’s a type of lighting that can make or break the space. By adding a decorative light in a small bath it can greatly affect the overall look of the space. Lower level lighting can be very dramatic.
Final Thoughts: As you look at your spaces ask yourself how you will use the room at different times of the day. You are not always cooking in the kitchen. Sometimes you are visiting with a loved one over a cup of coffee. You don’t want to light the whole space when some decorative lighting can be more soothing and welcoming.

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