Spring Maintenance Suggestions

Every year spring comes around and most of us think about the different cleaning projects that need to get done now that winter is finished. While you’re preparing your home for spring, don’t forget to inspect these areas that may require some spring maintenance. Read more

Emerging Kitchen Trends

“A survey of 100-plus kitchen and bath designers reveals styles will change direction in 2011.” says Stephani L. Miller in her article entitled 11 Emerging Kitchen and Bath Design Trends. Read more

Bathroom Trends for 2011

Every year the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) conducts a survey of 100 different contractors for the last three months of 2010.  These are the changes they noticed in their survey. Read more

How are you preparing for your future?

We all know that life doesn’t stay the same. Maybe you are planning on adding more children to your family. Maybe you need to adjust your home Read more