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Beautifully Remodeled Kitchen with Modern Appliances by Riverside Construction in Lafayette, IN

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Now is the time to dream big.
Do you find that your current living spaces lack style and functionality?
Does your home leave you feeling uninspired or uncomfortable?
We believe your home should enhance your quality of life.

To our fellow Greater Lafayette homeowners:

Do you find your current living spaces falling short in style and functionality?

Do you experience a sense of dissatisfaction when your home doesn't quite meet the level of practicality and sophistication you truly desire?

We believe you shouldn’t have to settle for a home that doesn’t enhance your quality of life.

See how these homeowners transformed their 1968 ranch house.

Why you can trust the Riverside crew to be your remodeling partner:

We get it — navigating home remodeling can be daunting, as every choice feels like a high-stakes decision in a world of endless possibilities. You deserve a partner who can streamline this complexity and bring clarity to your vision.

15+ Years of Experience


Family Operated

Award-Winning Excellence

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Riverside Construction Team Photo - Professional Home Remodeling Experts in Lafayette, IN

Our Promise To You:

Logo of Riverside Construction's 5-Point Promise, emphasizing reliability, quality craftsmanship, timely completion, clear communication, and satisfaction guarantee in every home remodeling project.
Icon depicting a speech bubble, symbolizing Riverside Construction's promise of remarkable and prompt communication with clients.
Icon depicting a speech bubble, symbolizing Riverside Construction's promise of remarkable and prompt communication with clients.

Remarkable and Prompt Communication + -

Isn’t it nice when you are greeted by a friendly voice on the other end of the phone; or when your calls or emails are returned promptly? Customer service is a vital part of our business. It’s not only important to us that you are treated with respect, but that you also feel important and served well. In addition to being responsive to your questions, comments or concerns, you can expect to receive pertinent information from any of our team members in a timely manner—striving for prompt and remarkable.

Icon illustrating a house and cleaning tools, representing Riverside Construction's commitment to maintaining a clean and organized jobsite.
Icon illustrating a house and cleaning tools, representing Riverside Construction's commitment to maintaining a clean and organized jobsite.

A Clean Jobsite + -

We promise to maintain a clean, organized, and safe work area that minimizes the disruption to your family’s daily routine. We wear safety glasses and never smoke on your property. We lay down protective tarps, install dust barriers around the work area and stack materials and tools as neatly as possible. Being considerate and respectful of you and your home is important to us.

Icon showing a budget ledger and calculator, highlighting Riverside Construction's guarantee to keep remodeling projects within the budget.
Icon showing a budget ledger and calculator, highlighting Riverside Construction's guarantee to keep remodeling projects within the budget.

Guaranteed to Keep You on Budget + -

Unique to many homeowners is the depth of our questions and the time we spend with you during our initial meetings. Through experience, we have learned that time invested early in the remodeling process dramatically improves the outcome of your home remodeling project. Early in the design process, we work with you to make material selections that fit your needs exactly, and stay within your budget. No time or money is wasted when you design to a budget that you can afford right from the start.

Icon with a calendar, emphasizing Riverside Construction's assurance of adhering to the promised project completion date.
Icon with a calendar, emphasizing Riverside Construction's assurance of adhering to the promised project completion date.

Guaranteed Completion Date + -

Part of a homeowners’ anxiety when embarking on a home remodeling project is not knowing if their remodel will complete on time. As a Design/Build firm, Riverside Construction commits to a job completion date, setting a guaranteed schedule before construction begins. Then, we communicate with you weekly to make sure you know what we know, managing your project and keeping it on schedule from start to finish.

Icon featuring a shield with a checkmark, denoting Riverside Construction's two-year workmanship warranty for quality assurance.
Icon featuring a shield with a checkmark, denoting Riverside Construction's two-year workmanship warranty for quality assurance.

Two-Year Workmanship Warranty + -

Demonstrating our commitment to quality, every home remodeling project is backed by an extended two-year workmanship warranty. If you find any materials or construction defective or damaged from normal use in the first two years of project completion, we will repair and replace them at no cost to you. We will also follow up after twelve months to make sure you are still completely satisfied with our work.

Elegantly remodeled kitchen showcasing modern design and high-quality finishes, reflecting Riverside Construction's expertise in transforming home interiors.

Hear from others who have a transformed living space:

"Riverside performed amazing work on our outdoor pool porch area and a huge basement remodel. Their process from start to finish was streamlined and well worth the time to get exactly what we wanted. They listened to our dream vision and helped us execute it all while being on time, professional, and with excellent communication. Highly recommend!"
Satisfied Riverside Construction Customer
Allison S.
"Riverside put in a kitchen, put down flooring throughout my basement, and updated my bathroom. They were professional and all the workers that installed flooring, backsplash, flooring, plumbing, etc. were excellent. Kind, courteous, ahead of time, and under budget. They were excellent at maintaining communication throughout and keeping the project understandable despite all the moving parts and unknowns."
Smiling Customer After a Successful Home Remodel by Riverside Construction
Brian A.
"Throughout the construction process,  we worked mostly with Amos & Tim. They were easy to work with, loyal, accountable, reliable and professional. The customer service is top notch! Anyone who answers the phone is respectful and has proper phone etiquette. Riverside was here when they said they would be here, they finished on time per their provided timeline."
Pleased Riverside Construction Client
Kevin & Minde F.

Learn more about our specialty services:

A refined process that prioritizes your needs and ends in your success:


Initial Consultation and Discovery

At our first meeting we will listen to what you like and don’t like about your home. Assess your remodeling needs and dreams, and discuss your desired timeline.


Concept design and budgeting

Discover the finest concepts for your new space, understand the project's cost, visualize its appearance, and know the completion timeline – all before we begin construction.


Final Design and Selection of Materials

Collaborate with our team of design professionals to refine your design and select the finishes that will make your project reflect your unique needs and style. Use 3-D design to obtain a clear picture of your project before construction begins.



Rely on an experienced construction team who is held accountable for adhering to your production schedule, delivering quality, coordinating all site work, and completing your project on time and on budget.


Enjoy Your Transformed Space

Your home remodeling dreams have now been turned into reality. Enjoy!

Beautifully renovated bathroom featuring contemporary design and premium fixtures, demonstrating Riverside Construction's skill in creating stylish and functional home spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of remodeling services does Riverside Construction offer?

Riverside Construction uniquely offers both design and remodeling services. Examples of types of spaces we specialize in are kitchen and bathroom remodels, room additions, basement renovations, and more. Our expertise covers both basic and high-end remodeling needs, ensuring each project reflects the homeowner's unique style and functionality requirements.

How does Riverside Construction ensure projects stay on budget?

By employing a meticulous planning process that involves deep questioning and time spent understanding the client's needs and budget early on. This approach allows for material selections and design adjustments that fit the budget from the start, ensuring no time or money is wasted, and the project stays on budget.
Learn about our process →

What is the typical timeline for a remodeling project with Riverside Construction?

Our team commits to a guaranteed completion date for each project. This is achieved through our Design/Build Process, which includes detailed planning and weekly communication updates, ensuring the project remains on schedule from start to finish​​.
Learn about our process →

Can I see examples of Riverside Construction's past projects?

Yes, check out our portfolio of past projects!
See our portfolio →

How does Riverside Construction's design/build process work?

Riverside Construction's Design/Build Process includes an initial in-home consultation and discovery, concept design and budgeting, final design and selection of materials, and construction. This comprehensive approach ensures each project is tailored to the client's lifestyle needs and preferences, with clear communication and project management from start to finish.
Learn about our process →

What makes Riverside Construction different from other remodeling companies?

Riverside Construction differentiates itself with its 5-Point Promise, which includes remarkable and prompt communication, a clean jobsite, staying on budget, guaranteed completion dates, and a two-year workmanship warranty. This commitment to quality and client satisfaction sets us apart from other remodelers​​.
Learn about our 5-Point Promise →

Does Riverside Construction offer financing options for remodeling projects?

Yes! We provide financing options to help clients achieve their remodeling goals within their financial means. This ensures that financial planning is easier and more accessible for homeowners looking to remodel their homes​​​​.
Learn about financing options →

What steps does Riverside Construction take to minimize disruption during remodeling projects?

We promise to maintain a clean, organized, and safe work area, minimizing disruption to the family's daily routine. This includes wearing safety glasses, never smoking on the property, laying down protective tarps, and installing dust barriers.

What is Riverside Construction's warranty and post-completion follow-up process?

We offer an extended two-year workmanship warranty on all our remodeling projects. We also conduct follow-up calls at 12 and 24 months post-project completion to ensure clients are still satisfied with the work and to address any potential adjustments. This commitment to quality and client satisfaction extends well beyond project completion .

Beautifully Finished Basement Remodel by Riverside Construction in Lafayette, IN

The benefits of a successful remodel:

Level-Up Your Lifestyle

Step into a world where your home mirrors your aspiration for sophisticated living. Our remodeling services are crafted to elevate your space, offering an ambiance that aligns with your discerning taste and lifestyle.

Add Form & Function to Your Living Space

Merge beauty with practicality in your home. We focus on enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your living spaces, ensuring they not only look great but also work perfectly for your family's needs.

Bring Your Unique Vision to Life

Your dream home, realized. We take your personal vision and turn it into a reality, crafting spaces that are as unique and individual as you are.

Increase Your Property Value

Invest in your home's future. Our quality remodeling services not only rejuvenate your living space but also add significant value to your property, ensuring a rewarding investment.

Enjoy a Seamless Remodeling Journey

Experience a remodeling process that's as impressive as the results. Our approach combines detailed planning, expert design, and meticulous execution to ensure your project is enjoyable from start to finish. Enjoy peace of mind knowing every aspect is managed with precision and care, making the journey towards your dream home as satisfying as living in it.

The failures you'll avoid:

Living in Disharmony

Constantly dealing with a living space that doesn’t match your style or needs can be disheartening. An outdated, mismatched home can diminish your comfort and enjoyment, impacting your daily life.

Costly Inexperience

Hiring less experienced contractors often leads to you paying for their mistakes. Without the expertise and foresight of seasoned professionals, unnecessary expenses can arise.

Endless Renovation Stress

Prolonged renovation processes can be a major source of stress. The longer a project drags on, the more disruption it causes to your daily routine and overall well-being.

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