Seeing Is Believing

We’ll be honest with you, one of the hardest parts of any remodeling project is trying to grasp just what a room will look like and feel like once it’s completed.  We know that seeing lines drawn on a paper and visualizing them as cabinets, doors, windows and appliances is complicated.

Our goal at Riverside Construction is to make your remodeling process as simple as possible.  One of the best ways that we’ve found to help our customers in the beginning stages of their remodeling project is using 3D drafting programs.  Using our drafting program our designer can do a simple 3D image of the proposed changes to your room getting progressively more accurate as you pick out initially the floor plan then the specific cabinet layout, flooring materials, tiles, paint colors, lights, fans, appliances and countertop materials.  At any stage along the way we can then show you how the changes will look and help you evaluate which options best meets your style, budget and needs.

Once you have completed selecting the specific materials you are interested in using in your room we can then “Render” the room and show shadow, texture and reflection to make the room look as real as possible.  The image shown here is a renderings done by our desinger for one of our customers.  All of this is done to help you confirm that the changes you are planning to make to your room and home will be changes that not only meet your needs but also makes your life better.

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