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Enjoyable home updates Greater Lafayette

Enjoyable Home Updates in Greater Lafayette That Truly Pay Off

Every homeowner dreams of a space that resonates with their unique personality, meets their evolving lifestyle needs, and stands as a wise investment. The secret? Making delightful updates that not only elevate daily living but also boost the home’s overall value. For homeowners in Greater Lafayette, the challenge is real. How can you blend modern […]

Designer drawing plans for Bathroom Remodel

Why Choosing a Design-Build Firm for Your Home Remodel in Greater Lafayette Can Be a Smart Financial Decision

Picture this scenario: you have a vision of transforming your house into your dream home—an exquisite space that reflects your personality, caters to your lifestyle and stands as a testament to your success. Amidst the excitement, the prospect of juggling multiple contractors, architects, and suppliers may seem overwhelming, both in terms of time and expenses. […]

How To Choose the Perfect Pantry for Your Lafayette or West Lafayette Kitchen

How To Choose the Perfect Pantry for Your Lafayette or West Lafayette Kitchen

A kitchen pantry is an essential part of the home kitchen and has been for centuries. It provides the extra storage space we all need to keep our food prep surfaces clutter-free and cooking a more harmonious experience. When choosing the perfect kitchen pantry for your Lafayette or West Lafayette home, you might find yourself […]

National Safety Month - June

Bathrooms Designed for Safety: Universal Design & Aging in Place Remodeling

With National Safety Month at hand, there’s no better time to shed light on an often overlooked, yet crucial, area of our homes—the bathrooms. With their hard surfaces, slippery floors and various fixtures, bathrooms can pose potential hazards if not thoughtfully designed with safety in mind—for people of all ages and physical abilities. In this […]

Family sitting together on couch

Remodeling Your Home for Multigenerational Living

Multigenerational homes are becoming increasingly the norm in today’s America. As a result, homeowners and their families are seeking innovative ways to accommodate diverse needs and lifestyles under one roof. This article explores the factors driving the multigenerational living trend and the related design considerations you’ll need to consider before your next home remodel in […]

Design Build

What the Design Phase of a Design-Build Home Remodeling Process Looks Like

Great design and proper planning make a successful home remodel. These are key ingredients in the design-build remodeling method where designers and contractors work together under one roof. But what does the design stage of this unified method actually look like? In this article, we break down the different steps of the design process that […]