Spring Maintenance Suggestions

Every year spring comes around and most of us think about the different cleaning projects that need to get done now that winter is finished. While you’re preparing your home for spring, don’t forget to inspect these areas that may require some spring maintenance.

1.  Roof- Check all surfaces of your roof for cracks, missing shingles and possible leaks.

2.  Gutters and downspouts- Make sure to remove debris from your gutters and downspouts. Reattach them if they have shifted away from the house.

3.  Siding- Clean siding with a pressure washer to prevent mold growth.  Check all wood surfaces for any loss of paint.

4.  Exterior Caulking- Inspect your caulking and replace it if necessary.

5.  Window/door sills, thresholds and screens- Fill any cracks, caulk edges and repaint or replace. Don’t forget to inspect screens for damage before you use them.  Any holes that are bigger than a nickel are big enough to let bugs in.

6. HVAC filter- A clean filter will reduce energy costs.

7.  Air conditioner- Clean out all units and replace any belts necessary.

8.  Hot water heater- Inspect and lubricate as the motor as necessary.

9. Dryer vent- Clean your dryer vent to encourage the dryer to work efficiently.

10.  Foundation- Spring can be hard on your foundation.  That makes it a great time to check your foundation for any cracking or deterioration.

11.  Decks and porches- Inspect all surfaces for loose and damaged pieces.  If you treat any open wood surfaces every 4-6 years you can reduce damage to the wood.

12.  Landscaping- Clean out flower beds to encourage growth.  Trim where necessary to keep branches from damaging the exterior of your home. Also make sure to check out your sprinkler system.

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