Emerging Kitchen Trends

“A survey of 100-plus kitchen and bath designers reveals styles will change direction in 2011.” says Stephani L. Miller in her article entitled 11 Emerging Kitchen and Bath Design Trends.

1. Shaker style cabinets increase in popularity- While traditional kitchen cabinets are still being installed in a majority of kitchen remodels, this year a close second seems to be Shaker style cabinets instead of the modern cabinets of the last couple of years.

2.  Darker wood finishes- Darker wood cabinets continue to top the trends for kitchen cabinets.

3.  Wine Storage- Unrefrigerated wine storage has surpassed refrigerated wine storage in popularity in kitchen remodels.

4.  French Refrigeration- When looking to purchase a new refrigerator, most people are going with a French Refrigerator. (Double doors to the refrigerator on the top and a pull out drawer freezer on the bottom, for those of you who like me didn’t know!)

5.  Garbage disposal in important!-  One of the most fascinating changing trends is the popularity of incorporating trash disposal and recycling into your remodeling plans.  Whether it is incorporating specific bins for trash and recycling, adding a garbage disposal or a trash compactor, more contractors are adding devices to help home owners deal with their garbage.

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