Popular Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2019

June 19, 2019

Popular Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2019

June 19, 2019

Not only are modern kitchens more attractive and more functional than their older counterparts, but the possibilities for personalization are almost limitless. Convenience and design combine to make a new kitchen remodeling project an adventure in individual expression. No matter how you plan to enhance the heart of your home, you'll want to investigate exciting new appliance options before finalizing your plans.

Appliance innovations have made cooking, cleanup, and food storage easier and more stylish than ever before. The kitchen of your future will be nothing like your grandmother's kitchen. Instead, it is likely to be a model of efficiency and high-tech design—and they generally fall into these three categories:

Technology and Smart Options

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State-of-the-art technology has made possible new options that range from touch controls and smartphone integration to alternative cooking methods. Talk to your appliances or control them via a smartphone from across the room or across town, or choose to let your appliances communicate wirelessly with one another. Home assistants like Alexa or Google Home are a welcome addition to a kitchen as well.

Connection Is Key: Bluetooth sync-ability between appliances has recently been introduced by GE. Your new oven can communicate with your microwave; a washer might "talk" to its partner dryer, and a dishwasher will interact with the power company to ensure low-rate usage times. You don't even have to be there for it to happen. Why is this important? These connected appliances can respond to signals from your energy provider to avoid using energy during times of peak demand (when rates are higher) and ultimately save you money on your home energy bill.

Finger Touch and Swipe: Say goodbye to clunky knobs and pushbuttons. Adjust settings on your future refrigerator or cooktop in much the same way you use a touch-screen tablet; soon, a whole host of major appliances will boast touch and swipe control pads.

Appliance Design and Placement

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Options include under-counter, fully integrated into surrounding cabinetry, or built-in placement that emphasizes sleek lines and seamless appearances. There are numerous ways to personalize your appliance -- including color, material, and design.

Column Refrigeration: They've been around for some time now, but slim refrigerator and freezer columns are hot in kitchen design circles for 2019. The separation allows placement for maximum convenience, or to save kitchen floor space by locating a freezer unit out of the central workspace. Tall wine coolers and dedicated beverage refrigerators are also extremely popular with owners who entertain frequently.

Appliance Drawers: Installed under the counter, in an island, peninsula, or at any convenient point in the layout, small-size refrigerator and freezer drawers, as well as drawer-style dishwashers and alternative ovens or warming drawers, are the wave of the future! They are often supplementary appliances in large kitchens but also function well for primary use in a small kitchen. Placed near a central point of use, such as a bar or prep counter; they are easy to reach and accessible by residents with mobility issues.

Contemporary Built-Ins: Sleek, modern ovens look seamless when installed flush into a wall of cabinets; the blend of style and function is smart and practical. Other popular built-in choices include coffee-makers, espresso machine, and toaster ovens.

Alternatives and Specialties

Some of our favorite specialty appliance offerings for 2019 include:

  • Double door ovens
  • Induction cooktops
  • Steam and radiant-light ovens
  • Variable temperature refrigeration
  • Indoor grills and pizza ovens
  • Glass door refrigerators
  • Retro appliances

If you're considering a home remodel, make sure to take full advantage of all of the fantastic appliances available as you develop your design plan.

Whatever your preferences, the team at Riverside Construction is equipped to help you with forward-thinking advice, spatial planning and kitchen remodeling ideas. Need some kitchen design inspiration? Visit our Kitchen Design Portfolio. Or for more insider tips and remodeling education, make sure to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter, or sign up to attend our popular home remodeling seminars.Other Articles You May Like:

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