Project Description (Problem/Solution/Results)

Remodeling Need

More and more homeowners are finding themselves in need of additional space to accommodate aging parents. This client was no exception. After moving into their new home, these West Lafayette homeowners hired Riverside Construction to design and build a new addition off of their existing guest bedroom at the side of their home—one that would make mom feel right at home.

As a passionate painter, it was particularly important for the homeowner’s mom to work in an art studio that had ample creative space and let in plenty of natural light. Mission accomplished.

Design Solution

The new space was designed with a spacious walk-in closet, a functional art studio, a designated art closet, and a screened-in porch. Several accessories were also added to the existing bathroom and tied into the new home addition. Some of these features included grab bars, ceiling fans, ambient lighting, and Tarkett Easy Living remix-weathered sheet vinyl flooring throughout.


In the end, this mom was thrilled with her new “home” and was ready to cohabitate with her daughter’s family, while maintaining a semblance of privacy that was important to her.

Materials Description

Flooring:  Tarkett Easy Living Remix Weathered Sheet Vinyl

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