The Range Hood and your Kitchen Remodel

In the past several years range hoods have gone from being purely practical to a being an interesting way to add to the overall design of your kitchen.  If you are looking at remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to find the correct balance of functional and interesting design in your new range hood.  Here are some things to think about as you decide which range hood is just right for your kitchen remodel project.

1.  Why do I need a range hood?  Range hoods are designed to help reduce cooking smells, heat and condenstation issues in your kitchen by allowing you to have proper ventillation over your range.  They also help protect your kitchen from grease splatters and other food mess.  How much and how you use your range is a major determiner of what type of hood you should include in your kitchen remodeling project.

2.  What types of range hoods are there availible?   The type of range hood you need to use is determined primarily by the placement of your stove top and the ability to vent that location to the exterior of your home.  If your range is located in an island you will need a ceiling mounted hood.  If your range is located on a wall you can choose from undercabinet mount, chimney style, wall mount and custom build-in.

3.  How can a range hood add to the design of my kitchen remodel? Range hoods are a interesting way for you to add a unique design element using a highly functional item.  It’s important that the hood seemlessly blend with the general style of your kitchen.  The exciting thing is that hoods are being designed to match an incredibly broad variety of styles from rustic country to sleek modern looks.  No longer are you limited to five basic styles of range hood.  You can choose the hood that best matches your design.

If you are looking to update your kitchen or any other room in your home please feel free to contact us using this form to find out how we can help you remodel your home for life.


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