So Many Tile Options!

Tile is beautiful and durable.  It can make a striking statement in any room.  But is selecting the right color and size tile enough? Not really! There are a wide variety of tile types available.  Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses and it’s important to pick the right one for your project.   Here are some things to think about before you select your tile.

Ceramic – Usually this tile has some texture which makes it great for areas that get wet and may become slippery like entryways and bathrooms.  Ceramic tiles come in a wide variety of sizes and colors so finding one that matches you preferences should be relatively easy.  They are generally categorized as both durable and hygienic products.  Be aware of the porous rating of the specific tile you select. Please make sure they are moisture-proof if being used in a wet space.

Porcelain – Porcelain tiles are a slightly different type of ceramic tiles.  They are generally hardier and stand up in high traffic areas very well.  They are very dense because they are fired at an incredibly high temperature.  This makes them less porous, scratch resistant and easy to clean. If you select a full-body porcelain tile they do not show wear very easily because the surface color extends throughout the whole tile.  Like ceramic tiles, manufactures make them in a wide variety of colors and shapes which should allow you to easily find the perfect tile for your needs.  Please be aware that they can be more slippery if a glossy or particularly smooth glaze is used on the surface of the tile.

Mosaic – Mosaic tiles can by any type of tile that is smaller than six inches. Most mosaic size tiles are sold in premade sheets with a slightly sticky mesh holding them together to make them easier to work with. Mosaic tiles are usually glass or porcelain but some mosaics are a combination of multiple types or colors of tiles. These sheets of tiles can be used to easily create complicated looking patterns. Frequently they are used in backsplashes, shower bases, around fireplaces, or as accent pieces where, dependant on the specific materials they are made of, they can be absorption resistant. They are slightly more expensive than regular tile, but they can add a lot of interest to any room.

Natural Stone – These tiles provide a special depth and beauty because they come from natural materials like quartz, onyx, granite or travertine. These natural materials are usually polished which can make them slick in wet spaces. They are usually relatively durable and easy to care for, but they can be heavy and may require reinforcing the subfloor of the room they are being installed in. It is important to seal these tiles to prevent them from staining and they can be cold in the winter because they are slow to heat up.

Glass – Glass tiles create an interesting visual impression of depth because you can see through them. Glass surfaces are impervious to water so that makes using these great in areas where splashing is likely. That makes glass tiles a great option in areas near sinks. They are durable and strong as a surface, but they can be easily scratched and are slippery when wet. It’s also important to clean them regularly to avoid hard water spots or soap scum building up on them. Glass is easily tinted so there are a wide variety of colors that don’t fade.

Tile can be a great addition to any room and a small amount of tile as a backsplash or mirror frame can make a big impact in your room.  Are you interested in getting some tile work done in your home?   Fill out this form and we’ll call you back to see how we can help you get the room of your dreams!

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