Remodel or Move?

I recently ran across the Tour de Lafayette-West Lafayette website.  As I started watching the videos of local homeowners talking lovingly about the unique architectural features of their homes, I was struck by how many of them clearly loved not just their homes but also their neighborhoods.  Sometimes though, staying in your current home becomes uncomfortable because your home is no longer capable of meeting your needs.  What do you do then – remodel or move?

Anyone calling a remodeling company is calling because they are unhappy with some area of their home.  The calls usually go something like this, “I don’t like this area in my house.  Should I remodel that area or should I just move to another house?”  Sadly we can’t answer that question for our clients, but we can provide them with some helpful information to help them make a wise decision. 

One of the things that we do at Riverside Construction is to help you visualize a way to remodel your home so that it can fit your changing needs.  Our design consultants work with you to find ways to either add an addition to your home or make better use of the space you currently have while still staying within your financial comfort zone.  We can also find ways to create a better floor plan or just update a room that no longer meets your needs. 

Ultimately you need to make the decision to remodel or move after carefully considering both the financial and emotions implications.  Here are some of the things that we feel are important to address before you make a decision to either remodel or move.

1.  Are there reasons to stay in your current neighborhood: convenience, schooling, or friends?

2.  Are there things about your home that you won’t be able to find or create in another home?

3.  Does remodeling make economic sense given your current neighborhood and the costs associated with moving?

4.  Will you be able to make the desired improvements in your home given local zoning laws or other restrictions? Does the structure of your home provide opportunity for an addition?

5.  Do you have the patience to find a new home that will meet all of your needs?

In the end it comes down to this: Will your current home, if remodeled, make you happy and meet most of your needs? If you are interested in finding out more about remodeling your home please contact our office here or register for one of our free upcoming seminars here.