Professional Design for Small Spaces

Summers often involve more visitors to your home.  This month we’re talking about the room that almost every guest sees when they visit your home, your powder room.  We’ve come up with some creative ideas for your small spaces that may be just the inspiration that you need to change your powder room from dated to dazzling.

The powder room is one of the rooms in your home that almost every guest will see. Unfortunately because we as homeowners often don’t use this room very often it is a room that frequently gets updated last.  When planning your next remodeling project, don’t forget to give this small space the careful design attention it deserves.  Here are several ways a powder room can make a dramatic impression on guests:

Art and Design

You can take advantage of the smaller scale of a powder room to highlight pieces of art and objects that benefit from a closer look and might get lost in other areas of your home. Including niches in the wall allows you to highlight favorite art pieces.

Color and Texture

In such a small space, interesting textures and materials can truly be appreciated.  Using a variety of materials with different textures and high contrast colors can create a unique room.  Adding a simple thing like textured wallpaper can make a dramatic difference in your room.  However, it’s important to be somewhat selective as too many conflicting patterns and styles which can be overwhelming in small spaces.

Mood Lighting

Because a powder room doesn’t need the same kind of task lighting that master bathrooms require, you can play with different types of light fixtures in a small bathroom. Softer lighting, like sconces, can create the restful, welcoming atmosphere of a mini retreat.  You may also find that this is the room where an interesting, decorative light fixture can have maximum impact.

With the help of our team of architectural designers and construction professionals, a small powder room can become a welcoming and memorable design statement in your next remodeling project. By applying your personal touch to any of your small spaces, our team can help you create a powder room that is just right for your personal style.  If you have a room in your home that needs remodeling we look forward to speaking with you.  You can contact us here.