Project Description (Problem/Solution/Results)

Remodeling Need

These clients are retirees who found a beautiful home in Brookston, but thought it needed a little more space. They wanted to add another bedroom so that when their children visit, they would be able to stay at the home. Since the home is located out in the country, hotels were not a great option.

The clients loved the home’s architecture and desired an addition that blended in seamlessly. With the new functional square footage, they envisioned an additional bedroom, a full bathroom and a workout room.

Design Solution

Riverside Construction took one of the existing bedrooms to transform it into a longer hallway. This enabled us to design two new bedrooms, a bathroom, closet space and a large, bright workout room off of the back and side of the house—in the form of an L-shaped addition.

A lot of attention was paid to the details, especially in matching the existing finishes, including the decorative gable end pieces. The homeowners enjoy asking guests if they can guess where the addition begins. No one can figure it out! That means we did our job well.


The homeowners were able to expand their living area with new rooms are thrilled to accommodate visitors, particularly their children, in the new guest bedroom.

Materials Description

  • Bedroom Carpet: Mohawk Smart Strand Nature’s Elegance Weathered Gray
  • Gym Carpet: Philadelphia MainStreet Carpet Squares, 24×24 Multiplicity
  • Bathroom Shower Wall Tile: Daltile Esta Villa Terrace Beige, 12×24, horizontally staggered
  • Shower Niche Tile: Daltile Decorative Accents Creamy Sand Pebble Tile
  • Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures: Delta Linden in Brilliance Stainless
  • Bathroom Vanity & Linen Closet: Wellborn Select Series in Oak, with Medium Stain

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