Picture or Rendering?

Kitchen and RenderingCan you tell the difference between these two pictures?  On first glance both images appear pretty similar.  While they are of the same space, the image on the top is a real picture of a kitchen we recently finished and the bottom picture is a rendered image of the same kitchen created before the project was even started.  This gives you a side by side comparison of the level of detail we put into creating an accurate rendering during our design phase of any of our remodeling projects.

One of the unique things about Riverside Construction is our ability to give you a rendered image of what your room will look like when we’ve completed the project.  This allows you to make adjustments to the items you select based upon a digital image of what the room will look like when it is completed.  The digital image shows color, texture and  shadows almost as if you are really in the room.  We work very hard in the selection process to provide you with this rendered image of the items you’ve selected to help you get the room of your dreams that meets your needs.

If you have a room that needs help, please feel free to contact us using this form.  If you choose to do a room remodel or addition with us we’ll show you your own rendering of the room.

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