Fun Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

One of the simplest ways to change the look of your kitchen is by updating your backsplash.  In recent years many options have exploded onto the market.  Here are some of our favorite options.

Tile– Tile backsplashes are still the most visually versatile options available.  Some of the most creative backsplashes involve mixing different shapes, colors or tile materials.  Another idea is adding focal tile pieces over a stove, or sink areas.

Create a niche– One of our recent clients added a niche (see picture above) allowing them to not only store items that they frequently use, but also changed the look of their tile backsplash.

Bead board– Classic Bead board is continuing to be a popular option for introducing cottage style charm into your kitchen.  The vertical lines of the bead board can visually heighten your room and the paint able surface is easily changed and cleaned.

Extend your countertop material– Some countertop manufacturers are capable of adding a backsplash of the same material as your countertop to the backside of your counter top.  This is an easy way to protect your walls in high use areas and allows your walls to blend in with your countertop.

Pressed-Metal Panels or Sheet metal– Metal panels are heat resistant and waterproof.  They are easy to install and easily create a unique focal point of your wall.  They also allow for easy cleaning.

Stone– Stone such as limestone, slate, marble or soapstone can create a warm homey feeling in your kitchen. They do however require a sealer to protect them.

Glass– A unique alternative is plate glass.  Installing clear glass over a painted surface allows the paint color to show through and yet allows the surface to sparkle.

If you are interested in more backsplash ideas or what to see some additional backsplashes you can go to this website.  Have an idea to share?  We’d love to here what your favorite ideas are!

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