How to Prepare a Room for Remodeling

You and your home are about to embark on the exciting adventure of remodeling.  You’ve seen your dreams come to life on paper.  You’ve selected everything you want to include in your home remodel.  In weeks (or days) your home will undergo the exciting process of demolition and then rebuilding.  And eventually your space will blossom into the room you’ve always dreamed it could be.  Remodeling your home is exciting, but there are some critical first steps to take that will make your remodeling project run that much smoother.


The first steps to preparing the room you are about to remodel is organization.  While our crews work very hard to be gentle with your home, they can’t do what they need to do if they are worrying about breaking your items.  So that means that eventually you will have to clear everything possible out of the room you are remodeling.  But before you randomly dump things in boxes, take some time to sort through what’s in the room.  Will everything be going back into the new space when the room is completed?  Are there any items that you don’t use and are just taking up space that you can throw away, give away or sell?  It’s also important to figure which of the items that are in that room you may need access to during your remodeling project.  This is especially important if the room is a kitchen or a bathroom.  Another important step is sorting your small belongings according to type so that they will stay organized as you pack them up.


Now that you’ve organized all you can, it’s time to start packing things!  Be sure to label each box, so that you’ll have an easier time prioritizing which box to unpack first and to help you find anything that you may need during your remodeling project.  It’s also important to label fragile boxes, especially if others are helping you move the boxes.

Clearing the room

Once you packed all the small stuff it’s time to get the big things out of the room.  Sometimes that means just moving furniture around in your home or garage.  Sometimes the best solution is renting a storage unit or pod.  Either way please consider if your items need to be in a temperature controlled area to prevent any damage to your items.

Once you’ve got everything out of the way, your room is ready for its makeover to begin!  If you have any questions about remodeling a room in your home or adding on to your home feel free to contact us using this form.

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