Five Key Steps to a Fantastic Family Room

With the demanding schedules of today’s households, it can sometimes be difficult to get everyone together in one place. A comfortable family room where family and friends can easily be together for board games, movie nights, parties, and viewing of sporting events encourages us to spend more quality time with those we love. Here are five key steps to make your family room shine:

Determine the Function

The first step in designing your family room is determining what type of activities you would like to do in this room.  Identifying the main ways you will be using the room, both now and in the future, will allow you to have a clear vision of what things are priorities in the room.

Pick a Focal Point
Whether it’s a fireplace, a colorful piece of art, a large screen TV, or stunning view out a window, choosing one focal point in a room helps center the whole room and provides a starting point for designing with personality and style.

Integrated Design that Encourages Togetherness
It is important to make sure that any design changes you make comfortably integrate the family room into the rest of your home while still establishing a distinct, comfortable area to be together.  Thoughtfully design your room with furniture placement, travel paths between rooms, key accessories and lighting.  Keeping these items in mind will allow you to create areas that inspire conversations and promote shared activities.

Organized Storage
A good family room design includes easily accessible, planned storage for media center accessories, supplies, books, toys, and games. Keeping the area clutter-free makes the space feel more inviting, welcoming and relaxing.

A balanced approach between natural light and task oriented lighting can provide additional comfort to the family room. The natural light encourages a comfortable sense of home and task-oriented lighting allows for comfort while reading and playing games, no matter what time of day it is.

A family room is a delightful space to share activities with both family and friends. Working with our team of designers and construction professionals, you can create a memorable space for spending time with those you love.  If you have a family room that needs attention or need more space for your family, please contact us here to find out how we can help meet your needs.