Fall Maintenance Tips

It’s that time of year again!  Here are some helpful tips for preparing your home for winter.
1.  Clean out your gutters and inspect your roof: Consider installing gutter covers for easier maintenance in the future.
2.  Inspect your fireplace: Call a Chimney Sweep for cleaning.
3.  Check your doors and windows for drafts: Add extra caulking or storm doors and windows to help prevent drafts.
4.  Prepare to store outdoor furniture: Power wash and store your cushions and furniture for a clean start in spring.
5.  Winterize your sprinkler system: Make sure your sprinkler system is drained and serviced.
6.  Check your furnace: Inspect both your furnace and air conditioner and change the furnace filters.
7.  Test your back-up generator:  Check that your back-up systems are working and that you have enough gas.
8.  Review your home Fire Safety Plan:  Check the batteries in the smoke detectors and review your evacuation plan.
9.  Prepare your snow removal items: Make sure your snow and ice removal tools are ready and that your snow blower is running properly.


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