Andy’s Top 10 Enhancements #4 Mudroom Cabinets

Do you have a coat and bag problem at your home?  Here’s an useful solution!  Invest in some mudroom cabinets or planned storage spaces to collect everything before it gets any further into your home.

Anyone who has kids with backpacks, pets with leashes or lives in a climate where coats or boots are a frequent necessity recognizes that it is very easy for all those pieces to get strewn all over your home unless they have a specific place to go.  That’s where mudroom cabinets can play such a wonderful role!  Typically these cabinets include:

  • Places to hang things,
  • Someplace to sit to remove shoes or boots,
  • Closed storage places to put away the things that aren’t always necessary and
  • Other storage spaces that allow you to easily put down large items or other items you consistently use when exiting your home.

In some cases people choose to close off a corner of the room and add cabinets.  Sometimes they choose to add a piece of functional furniture to act as the landing place for all the pieces that come in and leave their homes.  The key to mudroom cabinets is using the space near the door in the best way for those living in your home.  It should be efficient for everyone, easily organized and ultimately it should make your life easier!

If your home needs some mudroom cabinets please feel free to give us a call.  We would love to help you design a space to meet your needs!


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