Andy’s Top 10 Home Enhancements #9 Keyless Lockset

Project Number 9- Keyless lockset

Do you have key problems?  This may be a great solution for you!  A keyless door entry system can be an easy solution to allow people entrance into your home and yet not be passing out keys that can be easily lost.  The best part is they are not all terribly expensive and they are relatively easy to install.

Most keyless or keypad door locks  install in the standard holes from previous locks and only require basic tools to install.  There are even several tutorials online with directions on how to install them.  They come with a preset code, but following the directions in the manual allows you to easily reprogram the lock to the number of your choice.  Using the easy to follow directions, it took me less than a minute to reprogram ours.  Various finishes and styles are availible in a variety of prices.  The locks are battery powered so no wiring is necessary, and an alarm will sound to let you know when the battery is running low.  We installed our this summer and we have not yet had to replace the 9 volt battery.  Some, like the lock pictured from Schlage, allow for key entry as well.

This post has not been sponsored by Schlage.  We just firmly believe in passing on helpful information to consumers about products that they may find usefull.

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