Andy’s Top 10 Home Enhancements #3 Faucets

There’s nothing like having a nice, new kitchen faucet to make it easier to spend time cleaning up after a delicious meal.  Installing new faucets in either your kitchen or your bathroom can not only decrease your water usage but also it upgrades the style and functionality of the room. And while changing out faucets require some tools, in most cases as long as you pick a similar faucet, it isn’t a terribly complicated thing to do if you follow the directions given by the manufacturer.

Here are some things to think about when purchasing a new faucet or considering a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel:

Style- Are you looking for a more modern look or a more traditional look?  Do you want your faucet to be mounted to the sink or to the wall?  Take time to find a faucet that you like the “look” of.

Finish- While it is important that the finishes of your fixtures in a room match, it is becoming more popular to do complimentary types of finishes in a single room.

Height-  Given the quantity and variety of faucet options, it’s important to figure out what height faucet works best for you.  Make sure they are not too tall to fit in the space or to low to allow them to have a useful clearance.

Handle shape and size-  Make sure to check out how that handles feel.  Do they move in a way that is comfortable and easy for you?

Spray features- Do you want a sprayer attachment integrated into your faucet or would you rather have one next to your faucet?

Water Sense rating-  Faucets with this rating are required by the EPA to have a flow of no more than 1.5 gallons per minute.  They can reduce your water usage by up to 30% if you are replacing an older model faucet.

Touch less/Hands free/Touch Activated-  One of the more exciting innovations in faucets is the number of touchless/touch activated faucets available.   If the spread of germs, ease of turning the faucet on or excessive grime is a concern, this may be the type of faucet for you to investigate.

Scald guard/Anti Scald valve- If you have young children at home or have issues with keeping a consistent water temperature in your home it may be important for you to check into a scald protection type valve.

Physical Vapor depositation (PVD)– If you are concerned about the finish being especially durable, this may be something you are interested in pursuing.  If you want more information on the process you can read more about it here.

Special features-  What features are you going to use in a faucet?  Manufacturers are continually coming out with additional features, things like LED lights for nighttime visibility or integrated filtration system notifications.

Installing a new faucet can make a big change in the usability of your kitchen or bathroom.  If you have any additional questions about faucets feel free to call or send us a message!



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