Andy’s Top 10 Enhancements #2 Garage Storage

Are your yard tools and other garage items getting out of hand in your garage?  Garage storage, like this unit made from Wellborn cabinets, may be exactly what you’re looking for.  Most of us use our garages as a catch all for all the items that we own that don’t have another better place to stay when not in use.  This usually means that our garages are filled with unusually sized objects of various levels of importance.  That’s one of the major issues that home owners face in creating an organized garage storage systems.

Here are some great ideas for different ways to both increase the storage space in your garage and also help minimize the visible clutter in your garage:

1.  Plan shelf space for the specific items you intend to store on them.  When creating shelving for garage storage, if it’s at all possible measure the specific items that you plan to be storing and make sure that your shelving will be big (or small) enough to fit the items you plan to store there.

2.  Store things overhead whenever possible.  Most garages have a large amount of space, it just high overhead.  A key to creating an organized garage storage system is using this space to your advantage.  Just make sure to also plan how you will retrieve those items as well!

3.  Use pegboard to store items up off the floor and allow them to be easily accessible.  If you’re feeling particularly organized you can trace the shape of the item onto the pegboard to remind you where specifically the item belongs.

4.  Use hooks when possible.  Just make sure that they are rated to hold the weight you plan on placing on them.

5.  Create a bungee cord ball coral.  For those of you who have round, rolling items to store, create a bungee cord ball coral like the one near the end of this post from The Family Handyman.  The idea is that the bungee cords hold all the balls and sporting equipment securely and yet allow them to be easily accessible and easily put away.

6.  Enclose some space.  Enclosing and visually hiding objects always makes you garage storage appear more organized.  It allows you to hide some of those items that you don’t need daily and yet be able to access them when you do need them.

If you have a garage that needs some assistance feel free to call or email us and see what we can do for you!


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