5 Secrets to Creating a Long Lasting Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in our homes. No one wants to spend time remodeling their kitchen only to find that it’s either dated or falling apart in only a couple of years. Everyone wants a room that will look and function beautifully for a long time.  We all want a long lasting kitchen!

We’ve all purchased something only to discover that a couple of years later it broke beyond repair or was such a trendy item that it was no longer in style. The same thing can happen when you remodel your kitchen. Unfortunately, according to a recent Houzz poll the typical lifespan of a kitchen is just over sixteen years. While 16 years is a long time, we know that a lot of our customers would love to be able to avoid the frustration of remodeling quite so often. Here are our top suggestions to creating a long lasting kitchen.

Pick durable surfaces
Many surfaces in your kitchen take a lot of wear and tear, especially your counters and floors. While the most durable materials are more expensive, installing countertop and flooring materials that stand up to tough use will pay off in the long run.
If you are looking for durable countertops, quartz and granite are your best options. Granite has been the most popular countertop for years, mostly because of its durability. Our granite countertops include a 15 year sealant. Quartz does slightly better in countertop durability ratings because it never needs to be sealed, but it is more expensive. If durability is your main concern we would suggest you stay away from butcher block, concrete, and marble, all of which are susceptible to easy cutting, chipping, and staining.
Our top three options for flooring would be hardwood, vinyl or tile. Hardwood continues to be a popular look in kitchens; however we would suggest prefinished solid wood flooring, since the factory finish tends to last longer and usually includes a manufacturer warrantee. Vinyl is a less expensive option and tends to be very durable as well. It also is available in an incredible array of styles, colors and textures. Tile is also a great option because it is incredibly durable and long lasting.

Pick solid cabinetry
Given the wear and tear that cabinets take, quality construction is essential. Look for cabinets that including drawers with solid-wood sides, and a furniture board bottom that fits grooves on four sides; doors with a solid-wood frame surrounding solid-wood or furniture board panels; boxes made of ½ – to ¾ -inch furniture-grade plywood; and full-extension drawer guides. It’s also a good idea to look for ¾ inch shelves to prevent future bowing.

Choose reliable appliances
Most kitchen spaces are at least partially designed based upon the dimensions of the appliances that are going to be installed. Before you finalize your selections of kitchen appliances, check brand reliability charts for cooktops, dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators, and wall ovens to steer clear of any appliances that are not performing as well as they should.

Invest in the right finishes for you
Kitchen sinks and faucets can have an incredibly wide range of prices. However more expensive does not always mean more durable. Faucets with a PVD finish, short for physical vapor deposition, tend to have more durable finishes. Stainless steel sinks are generally better at resisting stains, abrasion, and heat. Ultimately it depends on how much you use (and maintain) these items.

Clean to prevent deterioration
Now you have just one more reason to keep your kitchen clean! Not only is a tidy kitchen is more pleasant to be in, but it will also hold up better over time. Leaving residue from corrosive foods can damage your smooth cooktop or countertops. Food and debris left in the sink can cause staining or allow for corrosion. Dirt on floors will deteriorate the finish. Choosing surfaces that are easy to clean and knowing the best products to make cleaning easy for you and non-damaging to your surfaces is the key.

We want you to get the kitchen of your dreams. If you have a kitchen that you would like to remodel feel free to contact us here.