When is it a good time to remodel?

Sometimes, your frustration with the functionality or design of an area in your home is just more than you can handle.  If that’s the case, remodeling is a great way to make necessary changes to your home to make it more live able for you and your family.  You may be asking yourself, “When should I start my next remodeling project.”  We’ve come up with a list of some of the life changes or home issues that may be indicators that a remodeling project may be something you need to start looking into.

When you have more people living in your home than bedrooms

The house that you bought early in your life may quickly start feeling cramped when children come along. In some families siblings sharing a bedroom can be a reasonable solution; that’s why we have bunk beds. In other cases, however, sharing a bedroom can dramatically increase the daily arguments between children and separated personal spaces or extra play room area would greatly reduce the frustration level.

When your children get older

As your children get older and bigger you may have different needs for space than when they were young.  While you may have appreciated them being visible at all times to supervise their play, as they get older allowing them to have a space of their own to play in can be very helpful for the entire family.

When your children move out

When the last child moves out, your family is (in theory) permanently changed and your home may need to be adjusted to reflect your new family needs. This is a common time for couples to consider the next phase in their lives, and deciding whether to move or stay put often one of the decisions that people make. If the decision is to stay, your home often needs both updating and reconfiguring. Re-purposing old bedrooms for home offices, exercise rooms or sewing rooms is an easy transition, but there are many other options for making better use of that space. Eliminating extra bedrooms can create more gathering spaces which will be more useful when children, their spouses and grandchildren all come home for the holidays or family celebrations.

When you feel as though you’ve stepped into the past when you enter your home

If you feel like you’re stepping into an old movie each time you return home, then it might be time to remodel. Our mood is affected by our daily surroundings. Seriously outdated finishes and poorly functioning appliances can actually put a damper on your quality of life. There comes a time when even the most beloved older items lose their appeal or functionality. Even if you are living in a relatively newer house, (for example a house built in the 1990s) it is now rapidly approaching 20 years old. The cabinets that came with the house have probably faded, and the flooring and fixtures are likely outdated or breaking. You probably have replaced a few appliances, but if more than one appliance is on its last leg then it may be time to upgrade the whole kitchen.

When your house starts having issues

If there are any structural issues with the house, then it is time to remodel whether you like it or not. If you have foundation problems, cracks or settling, then you can’t wait for more damage to be done before you do something about it. If you have water damage or termites that have destroyed part of your walls, then either a repair or remodel is in order. If you discover that the electrical wiring or plumbing of the whole house needs to be replaced, then while you are making those changes, it makes sense to plan for any future remodeling before you start the repair work to save you money in the long run. It will cost you double if you redo the plumbing now and then remodel the bathroom 5 years down the road.

When you have or can get access to the funds

Remodeling is not inexpensive. Most of us would like to change something about our homes, but paying for it may be the problem. Homeowners fund projects by saving for the project, sudden windfalls (inheritance, bonuses, etc.) or by borrowing. A bank or mortgage company can help you figure out what amount you will qualify for if you are going to finance your project. Knowing the amount you can (or are willing) to spend on your project will clearly influence the scope and extent of your master plan for your remodeling desires.

In order for a house to be a home, it must meet the goals and lifestyle of the people who live there. These change over the years, so it is not surprising that a home needs to be remodeled at some point. People remodel because they love where they are or because they want to be in control of the layout and style of their home. We know it takes dedication to make major changes to both your home and your lifestyle, but when the frustration becomes overwhelming then the time may be right to start planning your next project.  If you have a project in mind that you could use some help with please feel free to contact us here for information on how to start.