Upgrades for your Kitchen and Bathroom

What’s one of the most fun parts of every remodeling project? Exploring options and choosing those upgrades that will most benefit you and your family! The problem is figuring out how to decide just which upgrades are valuable to you and which ones just aren’t worth it.We’ve come up with a list of 10 upgraded items that we feel are worth looking at for their benefit to the long term enjoyment of your home. It is true that they are not the least expensive items upfront, but we know they will add value to your home for years to come. We help our clients select products that are both beautiful and reliable. Here are the top kitchen and bathroom upgrades we feel are worth considering.


LED under cabinet lighting
LED under cabinet lighting becomes more and more affordable and easy to install and place discreetly. There are some easily installed LED puck lights now available and lots of options for LED tape lighting in a wide variety of light colors and hues.

Radiant heat flooring
There is nothing like stepping on a nice warm tile floor. The gentle, adjustable heat can take off that chill commonly associated with tile or stone flooring.

Pullout shelving in lower cabinets
We’ve all experienced loosing things in the back of base cabinets. Pull out shelving allows all the items in your cabinet to be visible as well as easy to get to. You won’t have to get down on your knees any more to see into the back of a dark cabinet.

Acoustic insulation for bathrooms
Most people don’t want to hear or be heard in the bathroom. If your home does not have insulation in the walls to deaden the noise of the bathroom, adding extra insulation at the time of a bathroom remodel can be an inexpensive way to reduce the noise.

Dimmer style light switches
Dimmers are an easy way to create the feel that you want in a room. They are an easy way to increase or decrease the amount of light you have which will also save energy and reduce your electric bill. As a bonus they are relatively inexpensive and come in a wide variety of styles.

Anti-fog bathroom mirrors
One of the more irritating issues in bathrooms is that taking warm showers can fog up your mirrors. Anti-fog mirrors take care of this issue. There are primarily 2 types of anti-fog mirrors. One is a coating applied to the mirror surface that resists the moisture in the air. The other is a small heating element added to the backside of the mirror which avoids the temperature change that allows the moisture to fog up the mirror.

Self-closing or slow-closing cabinet drawers
With a gentle push your cabinet doors and drawers will finish closing themselves without a bang. This is a simple upgrade that adds a nice touch of quality to your cabinets.

Electronics charging station
As we use more and more electronics on a daily basis the need for a charging station becomes more important. Rather than having an area with lots of cords hanging out in the open we can create a charging station behind a door or in a drawer that is concealed.

Home automation
With the increase in smart devices being used, there has become a huge industry being devoted to the development of home automation that can be tied to your smart device. Everything from lighting, to raising and lowering blinds, to heating and cooling, to locking and unlocking of doors, can now be tied seamlessly to your smart device.

Upgraded appliances
We’ve all lived with appliances that didn’t do exactly what we needed them to do. Upgrading to the appliances of your dreams at the time of a remodel is a great idea. You can plan your room to accommodate their specific dimensions and place the specific outlets, exhaust vents, gas or water lines exactly where you need them to make life easier.

If you have an area of your home that needs some upgrading, please contact us here. Our years of experience in remodeling can help you remodel your home for life!