Kitchen Trends for the Lafayette Area

One of the best ways to enjoy your home is to update your kitchen using beautiful, timeless kitchen design options.  As an added bonus by updating your kitchen you are not only increasing its beauty and comfort, but also its functionality.  We’ve come up with a list of the 7 most common kitchen design trends in the Lafayette area to give you some inspiration and direction when you are starting to think about what you would like in your new kitchen.

1. Task and under cabinet lighting
Task and under cabinet lighting continues to be a huge trend.  The convenience of having clear, crisp, easy to use lighting where you need it is invaluable.  This lighting usually has a dimmable function that can set the stage for many scenes.  In most cases our homeowners choose to use Xenon lighting, but LED lights are clearly becoming more and more popular due to improvements in lighting quality and affordability.

2. Granite countertops

This year we have continued to see a strong preference for granite countertops.  Home owners appreciate the beauty of the natural stone, the durability of the surface along with its ease of cleaning.  More people are also choosing darker countertop materials and mixing them with lighter colored cabinets.

3. Stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel is still king of the appliance finishes.  It is generally neutral which draws less attention than the colored appliances of the past allowing other areas of the kitchen to be the focus of the room.

4. Full extension drawers

Full extension drawers are one of  the most popular upgrades our customers add to their kitchen cabinets.  Have you ever had something lost at the back of a drawer that you just couldn’t reach?  Full extension drawers allow the whole drawer to be pulled out, without pulling it out of the cabinet allowing you to maximize the usable space.

5. High-quality faucets

More and more people are realizing the value in purchasing high-quality faucets.  Whether in the bathroom or kitchen a faucet can be a beautiful, stylish addition to your room.  Single-lever faucets, especially those in the arc style are currently the most popular in our area.  They can come equipped with a built in pullout spray head, as well as a motion sensor to turn the water on and off.

6. Pull out trays or sliding shelves

Pull out trays are another very popular feature that are increasingly being installed in kitchen cabinets.  They allow you to slide the whole shelf out so that you can have easy access to those items that are tucked away in the back.  These shelves have a raised edge which prevents things from falling behind or underneath them.

7. Light color cabinets

Along with darker countertops we are seeing lighter cabinets.  The light colors reflect more light in the room and make the room seem brighter.  This also creates a nice designer contrast that adds beauty and interest.  The finishes generally range anywhere between white painted cabinets to lighter stained wood cabinets.

The kitchen is often the heart of your home.  If your kitchen would benfit from being remodeled and you’re not sure about how to start the process feel free to give us a call or request a free consultation here.