Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2011

The biggest trend in kitchens and baths continues to be “Make your space work for you!”  When you’re considering a remodeling project your biggest concern needs to be how you will use the space you are remodeling.  These are a couple of our favorite ideas from the Residential Architect list of ideas for customizing your space for your needs.

1.  Kitchens function as the command center.

-Make sure to plan you kitchen with the understanding that your kitchen often functions as the command center for your home.  That means leaving space for purses or bags, scheduling, doing homework and planning and cooking meals.

2.  Don’t forget to leave space for technology!

-Make sure to add extra outlets and space for charging, storing and using the different sources of technology in your life- whether IPods, laptops, cell phones or chargers.

3.  Balance accessibility and beauty.

-When remodeling a home to meet your accessibility needs, make sure to focus on the ascetic need as much as the functionality of the space.

4.  Plan for how you cook in the kitchen.

-Watch how you use your space.  Which areas of your kitchen do you use most?  Do you travel between a couple of specific areas more than others?  How many people use your kitchen at a time?  How much space do you need to prepare your food?

5.  Watch island placement!

– Islands are a great way to gain cabinet space and counter space, but it’s important to leave enough space around them so they don’t become obstacles and impair traffic flow in your kitchen.

6. Lighting can change everything.

-Make sure that your lighting is up to the tasks you’ll be doing.  Make sure to add extra lights and sensors over your sinks and under cabinets.  Add a lighted faucet or fireplace to add light and ambience to your room.

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