How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets

Many home remodelers and kitchen designers will suggest that the first thing to do when planning a kitchen remodel is to pick the cabinets for your kitchen.  There are a couple of great reasons for this.  First, your cabinets will probably be the biggest investment you will make in your kitchen.  Second, the cabinets will make the biggest impact in your kitchen so it’s a decision you want to get right.  Third, the kitchen cabinets you choose will probably be in your home for a long time, so it’s important to choose something that you will continue to appreciate.

So how do you make the best choice for your kitchen?  Here are three important things to consider.  There are lots of details to think about, but focusing on these three things is the key to making the right choice.

1. Keep the big picture in mind. Because kitchens are increasingly being used as the “heart of the home”, both for families and for entertaining, the look you create in your kitchen sets the tone for the rest of your home. This is especially important if your home has an open floor plan or if your kitchen remodel will open your kitchen up to the rest of your home.  In many homes that means that whatever you choose for the kitchen will be visible from other places in your home as well. So it’s important to anticipate which cabinets will look best from various places in your home.

2. Balance your budget. Purchasing kitchen cabinets will be a size able portion of your budget when remodeling your kitchen.  That being said, you will have lots of choices when it comes to the quality and design of your cabinetry. Because you are specifying exactly what you want in your kitchen cabinets you can choose from a wide variety of price points depending on features, grades, wood species, styles and finishes you choose.  Our goal is to help you make selections that fall within a budget that you are comfortable with.

3. Plan for both function and form. Your kitchen needs to be much more than just pleasing to look at. It will continue to be a functional room. In the past homeowners had no choice but to make do with whatever cabinetry fit in the kitchen. Now our clients work with our design team to specifically design your kitchen cabinets to function the way you want them to. That means that you can configure your kitchen cabinets with a specific plan for work spaces, storage and ease of use. Sure it’s nice to have lots of space to store things—but it’s even nicer if you can get to the things you need easily. It’s important to think about added touches such as soft-close drawers and doors and shelving that rolls out to let you easily access things stored in the back of the cabinets.

If you’re looking for additional ideas on creating the kitchen of your dreams, we invite you to contact Riverside Construction using this form. We would love to help you remodel your home for life!

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