Finding Your Inspiration

No matter which room you would like to remodel you can find many places for inspiration.  One of the places I like to start is by defining your individual style.  You can go to the HGTV Style Finder HERE to help you narrow down your style.  After you find your style you can begin your own inspiration scavenger hunt by searching what you like within your “Style”.

One option is to use an online website called Houzz.  Here you can simply choose the room you want to focus on and then look for pictures you like. When you find pictures you like you can add them to your “idea books” for the room in your house that you want to renovate.  Don’t worry about selecting the perfect photos; you can narrow them down later.

Houzz is only one place to help you find ideas and inspiration.   Here is a list of other options for collecting inspiration for your next project…

  • Attend remodeling seminars or home shows
  • Visit design websites- Houzz, HGTV, Pinterest, Better Homes and Gardens
  • Do an online keyword image search
  • Ask trusted family members and friends for suggestions
  • Wander through home decorating  stores or galleries
  • Look at magazines or books
  • Find a style or a color trend that appeals to you
  • Tour Model homes and open houses
  • Identify the favorite items or areas from your home
  • Take pictures of things that you find beautiful – nature, fabric, art
  • Look at pictures that you’ve taken from vacations

Please keep in mind that not all of these suggestions are helpful for every person.  Focus your search for inspiration on things that you are comfortable with exploring and avoid those that you find overwhelming or over stimulating.

If you discover that you have a direction for your room or that you need more help, know that we are here to help.   Our design/build services are meant to help you find your inspiration and then develop a design for your new space that adds beauty and functionality to your home.  To contact us to take the next step click Here.