Best Under-Cabinet Lighting

Looking to get the most out of a dark kitchen? One of the best ways to make your kitchen more inviting and useful is to add under cabinet lighting, like our homeowners did in this picture. There’s nothing like a little light to emphasize a special feature or to make your kitchen tasks easier to perform.

The most common solution is to purchase task bar strips or puck style lights. Both of these lighting solutions come in a variety of colors and shapes and lengths and can frequently be hidden under the cabinet. Another option to make your lighting more versatile is putting these special lights on a dimmer switch.

Here is a list of some of your best options:

Xenon– These fixtures tend to be less expensive than LED and has a very bright bulb, but they require adequate ventilation to deal with heat the bulbs. They are very long lasting.

Halogen – These light fixtures give off the most heat and don’t last as long as Xenon light fixtures or LED fixtures. It is important to maintain adequate ventilation when using these bulbs.

LED – LED lights are now available as bars and ropes and pucks. These fixtures last a very long time. They don’t put out a lot of heat. They are more expensive, but they are great as a puck light inside a cabinet.

Florescent – These fixtures don’t get as hot as others, but also doesn’t have as good of light quality. The bulbs also don’t last as long as other bulbs and these fixtures are getting harder to find.

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