5 Trends for 2015

No one wants their house to look dated. One of the ways that you can avoid this is by making small changes that follow the most forward looking design trends of the year. Following the trends (those things that designers are seeing consistently for years) rather than the fads (those things that hold limited popularity) is the key.
At the beginning of every year designers are polled to see which design trends they are consistently seeing their customers focusing on. We’ve taken their lists and adapted it to what we are seeing our customers here choose.  The top 5 trends that we see in the Lafayette Indiana area are:
1. Open spaces
What designers and realtors alike are hearing is a strong desire for open floor plans. The biggest desire of home buyers is often larger kitchen-dining-living “great room” areas to entertain and live in as families. These large open living areas create a functional space where everyone can be together, but not in each others personal space. The key here is not always a massive addition; sometimes this can be achieved with less complex changes like removing walls or changing the use of under used rooms.
2. Universal design
With a continually growing aging population in the US, it makes sense one of the biggest design trends we’re seeing is universal design. Making your home more accessible for yourself or a loved one in an ascetically pleasing way just makes sense. Everyone can benefit from wider doorways, more open floor plans, and roll-in showers. As a side benefit this also allows for seniors to stay in their homes for as long as they desire to stay.
3. Walk in Showers
Time and again our customers are choosing to take out their small, builder grade showers. They are choosing walk in showers with little or no step typically with large glass walls to make the room bigger. Because this is generally a larger space, they can add a bench, niches or multiple shower heads to make their space uniquely theirs. Ultimately most people want more space and more luxury in the bathroom.
4. Unique floor tiles
If you are going to be replacing your flooring you may want to think about using statement-making floor tiles. Designers and home owners are recognizing that the floor is often an overlooked area for design. Tiles that look like wood or stone are particularly good at adding to the ambiance of a room. This is especially true in the bathroom where there often isn’t a lot of available wall space or the front entry way or even the kitchen. These feature floor designs can add an extra layer of style and elegance to a room.
5. Creature Comforts
We all want comfort. For some people that means heated floors or towel warmers. For others it means smart technology to turn on devices or adjust the lighting or temperature in your home. Either way, choose items that you will find useful and that will add to the ease and relaxation you have when you’re at home.
5.5 Richer Colors
As a bonus, fun-fact trend – this year Marsala (a warm mauve ish color) was selected as Pantone’s color of the year. If designers are choosing to use this color it is often being used as an accent color or accented with dark blue. Ultimately continuing use of richer hues and more vibrant colors, especially as accents, seems to be a trend that is here to stay.
Whether you are aiming for smarter controls, use of metals, or an updated bathroom have fun daydreaming about which trends — not fads — might make an appearance in your potential 2015 home renovation. If you have a room that needs some help, feel free to contact us here.